Year 4

Spring Term

Welcome to Year 4! We are on a journey of discovery so follow us as we become the authors, inventors and creative thinkers of tomorrow.

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Autumn Term 

Year 4, children have been learning a variety of skills using inspirations drawn from Stone Age Life.

Children have developed their reading and writing skills by identifying dilemmas the characters have faced. For example, in the pictures above, learners are using drama to explore the dilemma between a 21st century child and Stone Age child. How do they communicate?

In Maths, learners have been securing their understanding of place value and developing a knowledge of formal strategies for column addition and subtraction. They have been able to deepen their understanding through a number of challenges and have begun to use bar models to draw representations of their own mathematical thinking.

In science, learners have been exploring the process and digestions and food chains. They have been challenged to acquire the correct scientific vocabulary before applying this to their own scientific explanations. The children had great fun using disclosing tablets to reveal the plaque on their teeth and all had their own toothbrush to take home at the end of the session.
In Year 4, learners also have the opportunity to swim throughout the year. They work weekly with a qualified swimming instructor at Alsager Swimming Pool to develop their skills. During the sessions, children are currently focusing on developing their ability to swim on their front and backs, most are still using floating apparatus to support this.